Here is how to style your vintage jewellery  


There is always value in more. Together, we like wearing a few bracelets. It merely makes things more fascinating and, in fact, highlights and contrasts each component. So you can style your vintage jewels again with a few tips such as:

Wear an odd number of bracelets at all times. It is better to stack an odd number of bracelets, much like you should always use an odd number of flowers in a floral arrangement. Choose 3, 5, 7, etc. Nine bracelets are seen on me in the top shot.

Plan out your colour scheme, start with one or two bracelets you truly like to wear, then add more as you go.

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Combine texture and scale. Interest is generated by the contrast between smooth and chain link parts or between colour and texture. But for everything to function together, there must be some sort of connection. As seen, I chose a collection of thin bracelets with green and cinnabar tones and placed four distinct gold tone bracelets on top. Each gold tone bracelet has a unique texture, including cable twist, spikes, and lion head twist. The bangles all share a gold tone, and they work great together with the green and cinnabar ones!

Mix low and high. It’s OK to wear both new and old jewellery as well as fine and costume jewellery.

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Enjoy all of your jewellery this way, you can check this website too! And “Excellent stuff goes with good things,” as a hairdresser once quipped – I adore this notion! Additionally, I believe this tactic is effective for jewellery.

  1. Necklace layering
  2. The whole is worth more than the parts, individually. One would agree with that notion, and we like how combining, stacking, and doubling over jewellery can truly take your necklaces to a spectacular new level! People will stop you and exclaim, “Wow, love your jewellery!” if you try any of these outfits with what you already possess and wear them to work, the grocery store, or your next cocktail party. Now, all of the items I utilised in these images are antique or used and were acquired secondhand from flea markets, thrift shops, etc.
  3. Four necklaces in a gold tone combination are what makes people look you immediately. From top to bottom, the necklaces are as follows: a Monet collar necklace, a Monet gold tone chain, a Trifari rectangle pendant necklace, and a lengthy aurora borealis rhinestone necklace. Considerably attractive, don’t you think? One necklace closer to the face creates a vertical line, giving the impression that you are taller and thinner. Additionally, it strikes a beautiful balance between your lengthier necklaces to prevent you from sagging and puts a lovely attention back up to your face.
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Next, take a look at Silver Story. I made use of four necklaces, each with a different scale or texture but all having silver as their common tone. From the top, a Monet ball and chain necklace that is doubled over, a Trifari spike necklace, a Monet flower collar necklace, and a final Monet three-strand chain necklace. You may attempt this at home; may we recommend a chambray shirt or little black dress? Even better would be a fresh white shirt!

  1. The next combination is a pearl and gold one. Are pearls ever enough for a girl? I disagree. In order, from top left: an unsigned multi-strand pearl and chain necklace with open diamond links; a long pearl and chain necklace with doubled-over rhinestone rondells; a Monet flat chain; a largely pearl necklace with gold and rhinestone accents; and lastly. You might be thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of jewellery,” but trust us, it would look amazing on a dress or top in a solid hue you can hop on to this website for buying gold bracelets. The outfit can also be worn over a white tank top with a long-sleeve cotton shirt and all the jewellery worn inside the blouse, which is unbuttoned to approximately your waist.
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