Top 7 tips to grab the cheapest airline tickets

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Traveling is a necessity for some people, and others travel because of their hobby. Regardless of your intention, we all want to save traveling costs more or less. In recent years people have been so busy that traveling by flight has become the first priority for everyone. Booking cheap flights to India is not an easy task.

No one wants to pay excess money for flights. The flight fares are also increasing day by day. This situation has really become a headache for common people. You can get different suggestions from different people on how to get cheap flights to India. In reality, none of them work well.

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One of the most famous methods among people is the comparison tool. However, luck matters a lot in this procedure, and only a few can get a little discount. Most people end up being frustrated by searching and comparing. We are here to give you the seven most effective methods to book cheap flights to India. 

7 tips for booking cheap flights to India:

  1. Try to use the best flight booking sites only to book your flight

Always book your flights from the best booking sites. Those sites are best because of many reasons and fare price is one among them. They are also very reliable and deal with the airline directly.

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Some best flight booking sites are:

  • Mint Fares
  • Skyscanner
  • Clear trip
  • Airfarewatchdog
  • Kayak
  • Google flight
  • Make my trip
  1. Try to book your flight tickets on weekdays only– This sounds weird, right? But it’s very effective. According to the statistics, flight prices are cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. Moreover, if you are looking for a cheap flight, then never book it on a public holiday. The flight prices tend to be most expensive on those days.


Try to use different cities or different money for booking cheap flights to India – Different cities can have different fares, so consider them before booking.

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Be as flexible as you can while searching for cheap flights – Being flexible is a must-have thing if you want a cheap flight. Price of the flight increases with facilities. Thus, consider compromising with few facilities for a cheap flight.


Plan your journey and flight booking in advance – Planning your journey in advance is very beneficial because in that way you can keep a close eye on flight prices from earlier. You can book whenever a great price comes.


Prefer connecting flights over the direct one – Connecting flights can give you better deals than direct flights.


Last-moment deals can be helpful– Keep your eyes on flight prices and you can book on the lowest price at the last minute.



These are the 7 tricks that you can use while booking a flight to get cheap flights to India. You can use any of them. You can also try all of them while booking flights at different times and choose the most effective one for the long term.

Cheap flights to India also depend on the timing and place. So, it’s not possible to get the same amount of discount for every booking, keep that in mind. Use your smartness to save money on flights and travel safely to your dream destination.