5 Best English to Malayalam Typing Online Websites

Malayalam typing online websites are incredibly essential for Kerala residents.  Malayalam words allow them to express their sentiments and emotions in a way that English typing does not allow.

Most of the Malayalam typing online websites listed in this article provide suggestions for Malayalam typing. This helps in selecting the correct word to enter instantly. Download the Malayalam Typing Keyboard now to enjoy your everyday typing experience.

You can paste the Malayalam content of your choice from the translated results to anywhere on the web, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram comments.

Let’s take a look at the best online websites for Malayalam typing:

  • Malayalam Typing- The Malayalam typing website allows you to enter texts on the writing box in the English language and it instantly translates your sentences into Malayalam making it very easy for you. You can copy and paste the Malayali texts anywhere on the Internet so that you don’t make any Grammatical mistakes too.
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Simply write the text in English in the field provided and press the space button. The text will be converted to a Malayalam script. Click on a word to check and use more options related to it.

It also saves you time by allowing you to use autocomplete while typing your texts in English.

  • I Love Typing- You may easily translate English typing to Malayalam with this online website. If you live in Kerala, you can use this online tool to write in your religion’s language.

This website tool makes it easy for them. All you have to do is to start typing in the English language in the editor section of the site, press space after each word you enter and it will convert it to Malayalam like magic.

  • Easy Malayalam Typing- This less complex website provides a amazing online tool for English to Malayalam typing. Make your typing as simple as speaking in the Malayalam language in no time with this online tool.
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The process of transliterating English to Malayalam with this tool is relatively quick, and its online software enables you to transliterate an unlimited number of characters and words of your choice.

  • Google Translator- The Google Translator is a very reliable tool that covers translation features for every language globally. It gets very easy to translate Englishansoftware words and sentences into Malayalam in no time with audio responses too.

Simply choose the language of your choice and what you do the best. TRANSLATE!

  • Manglish Keyboard- How can we miss out on the chance of missing one of the best softwares for typing English to Malayalam? The Manglish Typing Keyboard is the coolest of them all.
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Manglish Keyboard has an in-built Google translator in it. Thus, you do not need to open Google Chrome, again and again, search for sites that let you translate. Simply type the text on your keyboard while chatting, or writing anything and use Google translator to translate the entire text.

It will translate your texts in one go and you’ll be able to send it with confidence without caring about grammatical mistakes.

Reasons why we all drool over the Manglish Keyboard-

  • Interactive- The Manglish Keyboard is very interactive when it comes to chatting. You can send various gifts, stickers, emojis of your choice and interact in a way that other people also enjoy talking to you.
  • Fast typing- The Manglish typing keyboard provides various fast typing features that enables you to type fast and effortlessly without making any mistakes.
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With the help of voice typing, glide typing, text prediction using AI, you’ll be able to type your texts faster than usual.

  • No ads- The Manglish Keyboard has no in-app purchases and ads, unlike other ones. The unnecessary that gets popped up mostly during crucial times, gets very annoying. You’ll not witness this with the Manglish app.
  • Sending memes, jokes- The season of sending funny memes and jokes never end. With Manglish Typing Keyboard you’ll be able to make memes of your friends and other close ones and enjoy funny conversations.
  • Using fonts and themes- The manglish app cares about your moods too. If you’re in the mood to change the boring theme of your keyboard, you can do it for free and the same goes with the fonts. The change in fonts and themes may seem less important but it works great when you need something delightful.
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These were some of the reasons why we love the Manglish keyboard. Type and learn the Malayalam language with the keyboard and let others know about the same. Let us increase the importance of Indian languages by spreading this idea of regional keyboards.

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Download Malayalam Keyboard now and be a part of the change we wish to see. We’re changing and evolving and so do you. Let’s be modern and trust the coming technologies in the form of keyboards.