Black shirt and White Shirt

Not Every Black and White is Grey!


Fashion has become an inseparable part of our lives. No matter what we do, our dress always needs our priority. One of the most popular dresses that is common among both males and females today is shirts. You cannot imagine a public gathering without at least one person wearing shirts. And with that being said, choosing the color that suits you best is quite time-consuming since it comes in so many colors that it’s hard to choose one. To make you feel easy about it, one color that goes best with all skin colors is Black Shirts.

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While black shirts are classy and never go out of style, another alternative color to this is White Shirts. Black and white shirts are quite a complementing color that goes well with any type of jeans or pants. It’s common between both men and women, young or old. Black shirts bring out your classy personality with no effort to make in socializing if you’re introvert, white shirts, on the other hand, give you a more professional look. These shirts are best for all seasons.

These shirts can be styled and worn in various ways. Men can wear Blackshirts with any jeans or pants paired up with casual canvas shoes or boots like in the images given below.

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White shirts give you a more professional look. Hence, it can be paired up with a blazer and shoes. Are you going out on a date? What could be a more attractive outfit to wear than a black shirt with jeans? The black shirts attract people towards you and make you look even more handsome and appealing! It also keeps you cool in summer. Tuck in or tuck out, style it in your own comfortable way! A long jacket in winter or getting ready for a meeting in the autumn morning, these shirts are never going to disappoint you no matter what style you choose to wear.

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And oh! Black and white checked shirts are the most preferred of all other checked color Shirts! As for the ladies, black and white shirts can be styled in numerous ways. You can wear them instead of a normal blouse with a saree. A white shirt with a saree and accessories. A simple yet elegant look that you cannot resist. The best part of these shirts is they can go with any saree that you like. Hence you can just grab them if you don’t find a matching blouse.


You can style a shirt with Ghaghra or a long skirt too. Paired up with shoes or sandals, they make the most attractive combination ever. Are you still looking for a reason to buy them? Well, you can wear them to the office, college or wedding. Almost on any occasion. They can be styled with simple accessories to be worn on different occasions. These color combinations are the most impressive, especially in the fashion field and enhance your fashion se

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nse too.


Needless to say, they’re easily available both offline and online. They’re quite affordable too. You can find them in local shops in your area or online trusted pages. The use of good fabrics makes them last longer. You can find them in all shades of black and white color. So why wait? Go and get your own style today and bring your hidden beauty of yours out to the world! Let your peers know that you’re no less when it comes to styling!