Best jewellery franchises in India

 Getting a jewellery franchise is the easiest way to start a jewellery business. For beginners starting a gold related business can be difficult as it certainly involves more than just looking  gold price today in Uttarakhand or Jamshedpur since you need to be aware of multiple aspects of the business. Getting a franchise of an established business will make things a lot easier as these companies guide their franchisees along the way. So let’s learn about these franchises in detail.

  • Tanishq

Tanishq is one of the most popular jewellery brands in India. Tanishq provides a wide range of gold, diamond, platinum and gemstone jewellery. Tanishq provides you to own a gold and diamond jewellery franchise.

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To get its franchise, you will have to pay an initial investment of INR 1 Cr approximately along with its security deposit. The security deposit is around INR 50 lakhs which can be refunded once the agreement period is over. The total area required for the showroom should be around 700 sq ft.

  • Kalyan jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers is one of the most popular jewellery brands in India with a strong presence across the country. Founded in 1993, the company has its headquarters in Thrissur, Kerala and has more than 100 showrooms spread across India and the Middle East. The company aims to expand its operations to other parts of the world such as Europe and the Asia Pacific.

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What makes Kalyan Jewellers stand apart from other jewellery brands is that it offers customers high-end products at affordable rates. They offer a range of gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewellery products for both men and women. They are also known for their innovative designs, elegant craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Their jewellery products include rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and chains.

  • Nakshatra diamonds

With Nakshatra, you will be able to take your business to new heights and become a part of the biggest diamond house in India.

The brand provides you with the best franchise support and a franchise agreement that allows you to run your jewellery business hassle-free. You just have to invest the amount and get the rewards out of it quickly. Besides, the brand has all sorts of materials needed for running your jewellery franchise business.

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The company is owned by Gitanjali Group which has been in this industry for more than 40 years now. It is one of the most sought after companies for investment as it provides a good ROI.

It offers its franchise partners a wide range of products like diamond jewellery, gold jewellery, platinum jewellery, and silver jewellery. They offer their franchise partners high-quality products that are available at reasonable rates.

The best part about taking a franchise of Nakshatra Diamonds is that the franchise partner does not have to worry about marketing or promotion as the parent company takes care of it all. The only thing that needs to be taken care of by the franchise partners is offering good customer service and maintaining the quality of these products.

  • Senco Gold
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Senco Gold is one of the biggest jewellery chains in Eastern India. Its success has been the result of a keen understanding of the customers’ needs and tastes, and an ability to cater to those requirements with speed, quality and efficiency. The group has grown from retailing traditional gold jewellery to eventually being able to offer its customers an eclectic mix of jewellery, ranging from pure gold to diamond, platinum, silver and high-end bridal collection, making them the best jewellery franchise in India.

Senco Gold jewels are distinctively designed and crafted by expert craftsmen with the latest technology. The brand stands out for its commitment to quality and excellent service, which has gained it a loyal clientele over the years.

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Today Senco Gold has more than 100 showrooms in West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Mumbai. It also exports to countries like USA, Canada & Middle East through its Export Division.

The Brand adheres strictly to the BIS hallmarking scheme as per Government of India regulations on purity standards for gold Jewellery.

Regardless of which brand you choose from this list they are all trustworthy. While their products prices depend on metrics like today gold rate in ap or any other city, ¸the starting rates are geared towards making the process easier and affordable for the franchisees. See more.

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