Infrared vs. Thermal Night Vision

So, today we will discuss night vision devices and infrared and thermal sights. So what are they for, and where are they used? And they are used for different purposes. Many special units use night vision for some tasks. They allow you to see better at night and sometimes help you find a target or even see exactly what they need. Night vision devices or thermal and infrared sights are made to facilitate tasks, robots at night, searching for someone.

In low light or at night, these devices distinguish objects and terrain and help to become more visible. Which of the above devices is better for you? To be honest, they are all good, and each plays its role. Someone needs it to monitor their home, the site, and so on, for night hunting, to track wild animals in the woods. The armed forces use this tracking method because they first tried it. Night equipment is a handy tool for military personnel and law enforcement agencies. After all, it can be used to perform heavy missions, defend themselves, be on the alert, and most importantly, be invisible to others. Now we will try to tell you more about night vision, infrared and thermal sights, and similar devices.

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Let’s start with normal night vision.

With it, we can see at night, with poor visibility, an image of good quality. The military mainly uses night vision during combat missions at night. Special equipment is mounted on the helmet soldier. There are additional sights that also help to see in total darkness. The image is usually of the same green hue. During World War II, night vision devices were first used. Night vision is called scotopic or animal vision because many wild animals have enhanced night vision, and they see well where we do not see anything.

It helps them to move through the woods in complete darkness. They also use night sights for hunting wild animals at night. After all, it’s harder for an animal to see you at night than during the day. So how does it work? Very simply, it enhances color, contrast, and brightness. And invisible objects become visible. In this way, the military can track the enemy’s movement, de-mask the enemy vehicle, and more. Thereby guarding their territory against attack.

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Infrared and thermal sights.

What is the difference between infrared and thermal sights? So infrared sights reflect infrared energy and produce an image. They use a red or, as they say, infrared tint to illuminate and transmit the image. If there are many objects on the infrared image, and not only that, each of them has a different temperature and will be different colors. The warmer, the redder the object will be. And that allows you to see everything, even in total darkness. And you’ll be able to use the infrared sight to detect the target.

For example, if the animal is somewhere in a hole or a person is hiding behind a wall, or in a cardboard box, the sight will detect their heat signature, and you can easily see the target. They used to be used only for military and law enforcement purposes, but now many people use them. Tactical shooters and hunters now use this technology to do their favorite activities even after the sun goes down and night falls. Now you can buy infrared sights at an affordable price, and you don’t have to give all your money to get one. It can be used not only for hunting or shooting. You can put it on your territory and monitor the order, thus protecting yourself from intruders even at night when the camera can not record.

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Personal safety is also a helpful thing. If you live in an area with a forest nearby and want to go for a walk, you can scan the site and make sure there are no wild animals who can attack you. For military use is also very useful and cool. Soldiers using the infrared illuminator can read the map on the battlefield and thus know where the enemies are while remaining invisible to them.

Now, let’s talk about thermal sights and the difference between an infrared sight.

The thermal sights acquire an image by measuring the temperature, capturing the lowest warm temperature of any object. The image will be as long as the temperature is higher than the average temperature in the surroundings. It can be any object or living thing, animal, rock, person, tree, in a word, “anything,” anything that has at least some thermal temperature. If you use it for hunting purposes and hunt in foggy or dark weather, if you wounded the animal, but he had time to escape, you can easily keep track of him, even on fresh tracks or blood drops. After all, thermal sight can issue the image with a temperature of 0.01 °.

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Fire departments also use thermal sight to rescue people because they can see through debris, walls, and smoke, and if a person has lost consciousness from smoke asphyxiation, they will be able to find the person. Just like infrared sights, thermal sights are also used for military purposes, surveillance, and elimination of the enemy. After all, they provide an accurate and better visualization of the area and are best suited for shooting enemies at night. After all, you can use it to track down the enemy even in his fresh tracks and find a hiding place where he is hiding. Also, he is good at can issue an image not only at night but also in the daytime because it traces the temperature instead of light.

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And will give the exact picture day and night. As it operates both day and night, it can be used to monitor someone or territory, thereby protecting it from uninvited guests or wild predators. Infrared sight gives an image not on a vast part, and thermal sight can provide an appearance at a great distance. And this is not a bad advantage of the infrared picture. Yes, infrared and thermal sight have almost similar uses. But if you need to select one of them, make sure that it is suitable for all requirements, because they are slightly different. Infrared is not always right where infrared is convenient, but thermal is not always suitable where infrared is.

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And think about the purposes for which you want to use this or that product to choose the right device. And buying two sights, one infrared, the other thermal is better. Because both of them will be useful to you in the future, it is better to take thermal if you like to hunt. Still, infrared will suit you too. With it, you will be able to track comfortably only at night, and thermal will allow you to trace prey in the daytime. Hopefully, you will choose the suitable device for you.