17 Reasons Why Honor Magic Watch 2 Is Better Than Other Watches

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Honor’s newest watch is a sleek, modern piece of technology that gives you a ton of cool features. Here are ten reasons why it’s better than other sports monitoring devices and smartwatches.

  1. Movement: Honor’s smartwatch is packed with advanced and accurate movement. You can monitor your heart rate on the watch or use ANT+ to connect to a variety of other devices and track your activity.
  2. Ambient Light Sensor: When you’re outside, you can take advantage of the ambient light sensor to track how much light is available in your immediate vicinity. This ensures that you’ll never go in for that jog at midnight when it’s pitch black out, not to mention keep from getting a nasty sunburn!
  3. Compass Sensor: Turn on the compass sensor by pressing the lower left button and locate yourself using this cool feature. The compass can also be set to map points around you to navigate.
  4. GPS: GPS is a great way to map out your routes and stay on the right track. If you’re running, cycling, hiking or doing anything that requires navigation, then Honor’s sports watch 2 is the way to go. Its position-tracking sensors will provide accurate data on where you are and how far away something is!
  5. Gyroscope: A gyroscope lets you accurately track your spin rate when riding a bike or running. The gyroscope also lets you monitor your fall by tracking how far off-balance you were when the device was knocked from your hand!
  6. Accelerometer: The accelerometer can determine how fast you’re moving and how quickly you’re changing directions in different directions. This is useful for maintaining your balance when riding.
  7. Heart Rate Monitor: Hold down on the heart rate sensor to start monitoring your heart rate more thoroughly. When you stop moving, the heart rate monitor will also cease operation to save battery power.
  8. Temperature Monitor: The temperature monitor is really handy for seeing if it’s getting hot on a hot summer day or if you should wear a jacket to keep warm! You can also use this feature with other external sensors!
  9. Phone Finder: If you’ve got a lot of things to carry or if you keep your phone in a bag, then the watch can be set to ring when you’re getting close to it. The top line will start flashing when you’re nearby and the bottom line will flash when you’re even closer- it’s easy to know where your phone is!
  10. Music Control: Finally, anyone who likes music should appreciate that their watch can control their favorite tunes, rather than having to reach for their phone every time a song starts playing. Just select the music app and press the volume buttons to adjust your music.
  11. Personal Details: The smartwatch’s screen will display your personal details like your watch number and date, phone numbers, and other important information such as current temperature. You can also use the touch screen to scroll through information stored on the device.
  12. Voice Recorder: You can record conversations by pressing the recorder button. Then you can playback them by pressing it again or check out what was said by holding the goggles down for a few seconds!
  13. Camera: Also, the device has a camera that lets you take pictures by holding the button. These pictures are stored in your watch’s memory and can be transferred to your phone later.
  14. Screen Brightness: If you don’t want to compromise on brightness, then the smart watch’s LED is a great option for outdoor use. It’s also extremely power efficient!
  15. Anti-Lost Alarm: If you get distracted and leave your phone behind, then you might be glad to know that this bad boy can emit an alarm when it’s about 10 meters away from you. Hopefully, that won’t happen very often!
  16. Intelligent Charging: If you leave it in the charger for a long time, then it will automatically stop charging!
  17. Battery Optimization: Honor’s brand new smartwatch watch 2 also has an innovative feature that enables you to save energy when the battery is full. As soon as you remove your watch from the charger, it will start automatically searching for its own charger if it hasn’t been powered on for a while.
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Honor’s new smartwatch watch2 is a great option for athletes because of its movement tracking capacity and other sensors. It combines technical prowess with style, so buy one today and make the most of your next workout!