10 Favorite Texas Holdem Poker Starting Hands

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Before the remaining cards are dealt in Texas Holdem, you can estimate your chances by looking at the quality of your beginning hand. Knowing the power of your opening hand is crucial at the table, from a pair of aces to 2s and 7s.

Understanding which opening hands to hold in Texas Holdem and which to fold depends on your strategy.

However, remember that there is considerable debate regarding the most incredible hands, depending on your playing style and skill level.

Additionally, improper community cards can rapidly ruin a strong starting hand.

The following list includes top Texas Holdem beginning hands that poker players commonly regard:

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Best Texas Holdem Poker Hands

Pocket Aces (Ace-Ace, Bullets, America Airlines)


Pocket Aces are the finest opening poker hand in Texas Holdem games. You always have the best hand pre-flop when dealt pocket aces.

Pocket aces have the advantage over other powerful starting hands like KK, QQ, and JJ. With this hand, you should aggressively bet unless you get an extremely risky board with flush or straight potential.

Players frequently become overly devoted to pocket aces, so if you have strong opposition, be cautious.

Additionally, pocket aces hold up better when fewer players are in the hand. According to statistics, you will typically only be dealt pocket aces once every 221 hands.

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King-King (Cowboys, King Kong)

With the second-best holdem hand, you can win some significant pots. When playing against any hand other than aces, pocket kings are a favorite.

Kings have a roughly 70% equity advantage over any ace. If you have pocket kings in poker, you should be pleased to place your bet before the flop.

However, pocket kings are vulnerable when an ace appears on the loss. Suddenly, weak Aces like A-9 and even A-2 overwhelm your might.

Typically, you should take your time betting and try to limit the pot amount.

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Pocket Queens (Ladies)

Another mighty opening hand that defeats most of the deck before the flop is pocket queens. Players with pocket queens often place large pre-flop bets to determine whether their opponent is holding monsters like aces, kings, or ace-king combinations.

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The pocket queen controls many hands, including JJ, A-Q, A-J, and A-T, and has greater chances. However, the flop might be a grey area for queens as both kings and aces will put you in a difficult situation.

Ace-King, Suited (Big Slick)

Whether you play Texas Holdem online or in person, this hand differs from player to player. The fourth-best starting hand is probably an ace-king pair suited.

However, you have nothing unless you begin to form a straight flush or pair with the flop. Yet, you have a great chance of getting a nut flush or a royal flush.

Pocket Jacks (Hooks, Fishhooks)

Pocket jacks are one of the most challenging premium hands if you play Texas Holdem. Even though the hand has a high chance against any pair of random cards, pocket aces, pocket kings, and pocket queens destroy it.

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Also, the odds against ace-king are only 50/50. Due to all of these factors, you should always play pocket jacks with extreme caution.

The hand is still strong enough to start a pot and is significantly superior to drawing hands like K-J, J-T, Q-J, and all pairs from 99 to 22.

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Pocket Tens (Dimes)

Pocket tens are a potent starting hand in Texas Holdem poker and are just as popular with certain players as pocket Jacks. You can still manage with tens if there isn’t another ten on the flop.

However, it is occasionally preferable to fold pocket tens before the flop if there has been a lot of action before you. Some poker players think a suited king-jack is a substantially stronger beginning hand than Jacks.

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Pocket tens are much stronger than two random cards, but playing them is trickier than playing pocket jacks.

Ace-Queen, Suited (big Chick, Little Slick)

Another potent drawing hand that can lose steam on the flop if it doesn’t spike at least a pair is the suited ace-queen. It’s interesting to note that ace-queen suits still have the highest card (the Ace), which allows them to hit the nut flush.

When you have ace-queen suited, you must be cautious about pocket aces, kings, and queens. Ace-queen should avoid facing ace-king because you forfeit all of your Aces.

Ace-Jack, Suited (Blackjack, Ajax)

This hand, like ace-king or ace-queen, can grant you a royal flush if it is suited.

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However, consider playing the hand more cautiously. You must raise your ace-jack if you are the first person to enter the pot pre-flop. In this way, you can make it the best hand and bluff on the spot.

Don’t fall in love with your ace-jack combination because any ace-king or ace-queen combination will win if you pair your ace. In general, it is a substantial hand and will win roughly 18 percent of the time.


Since you have the high card ace, your hand of ace-ten is still strong. You can make a straight if the miracle J-Q-K lands on the board. However, exercise caution while playing it too hard, especially if it is unsuited.

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King-Queen, Suited

King-queen might get a flush, but unless the suited ace appears on the flop, it won’t be the nut flush.


As a beginner, it’s pretty easy to be tempted by suited cards, picture cards, or any two-card holding that contains an ace or a king. However, if you play Holdem correctly, you’ll be picky and discard the vast majority of the hands you’re given.

The best way to practice your skills in playing the games is to give them a try. GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room, is an online site you can play Texas Holdem to improve your strategy with different starting hands. Sign up at GGPoker today!

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