Why More Businesses Are Marketing With Video Animation

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Some business trends look like mere fads at first, until you learn they aren’t – one of these is the use of video animation in marketing. For quite a while, there’s been a lot of movement by businesses from live-action marketing and talking head explainer videos to animated marketing videos.

This article seeks to reveal why this is happening, and if you too, should head that way. Let’s dive in!


So, Why Are More Businesses Marketing With Video Animation?

Some do it after being advised to. Others see their competitors getting good results. There are those who even do it because “everyone is doing it”. But here are the top reasons why successful businesses are using video animation in marketing:



1. Video Animation Doesn’t Limit You

Live action is great when done correctly, but not without limits. Think about the Nike advert that has their trainers on an alien planet. With enough resources, they could have done that in real life, but would it really be worth all the effort?… you get the idea.

With top-quality video animation services from The Sketch Effect, you don’t have to play by the rules. Simply state your wildest imaginations and watch them come to life, courtesy of an amazing team of animation specialists.


2. Animation Is Entertaining

…And not just for kids. Animation is attractive to a wide audience and even the few who aren’t interested in animated videos would be, once you get it right. It’s mainly about using creativity to synchronize everything so that it makes sense to a universal audience.

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In most cases, animated videos serve as better explainers as opposed to talking heads. Their attention-grabbing aspect is a major factor in keeping your target audience interested and ready to take the desired action.


3. It’s Easier to Explain Complex Concepts

Some of the most innovative projects on a platform like Kickstarter are complex enough for a given audience to feel confused and uninterested in just a matter of seconds. Even if you know that your product would be a lifesaver for such a demographic, it’d still be difficult to get them sold if you can’t explain in a way they’d understand.

Animated videos handle this challenge really well so that you can focus on actualizing the product. They get into the deepest and most complex features and functionalities of the product and dissect them into bits that are easy to understand.

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4. Animation Is Cost-Effective

For businesses, cost is a deciding factor when investing in marketing. There’s no need to use an effective marketing tool that creates a fortune for your business, only to sweep a large part of it due to how costly it is to use. Live-action videos can be effective in some cases, but they aren’t cheap to produce.

Not that animation is cheap to produce, but it’d be budget-friendly for most businesses. You won’t have to pay for filming locations, equipment, actors, or any other expensive related costs. Besides, if you need to make a couple of edits to your videos, you can do that effortlessly while keeping the cost low.

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5. It Adds an Element of Uniqueness

While live-action videos can also distinguish your business from competitors depending on the actors you choose or the shooting environment, video animation goes beyond that. Even if there are lots of businesses that are already using animated videos in their marketing plan, you can use a style that creates an effect of instant brand recognition whenever viewers interact with your videos.

That uniqueness is vital in marketing, as you want to come out as a brand that puts in the extra effort to give the best to its consumers. Video animation makes it easy to stand out with videos that are memorable and relatable to your audience.

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In Closing,

These five reasons are why you should join hundreds of businesses that are switching to video animation in marketing. The benefits make it worth the investment as long as you team up with a leading animation services provider like The Sketch Effect

So if you were wondering whether you should make the move, now you know it’s crucial.