Tips When Choosing Modern Vinyl Flooring Like Mannington Adura Max

Vinyl flooring was a trend in the 70s through into the 80s, but it seemed to wane for a while. Now developers have made extensive innovations with the materials making it a hit once again on the market for its exceptional durability, the vast array of material selections with finishes reminiscent of expensive flooring, and low maintenance.


With options like the Adura Mannington Max, homeowners can rest assured the modern vinyl flooring will stand the test of time not only with style but holding up to standard household abuses after the initial installation.


The suggestion is to have your floor installed by a professional to ensure proper placement, so you don’t run into issues down the road. With adequate selection and installation, modern vinyl has the potential to endure as long as 25 years based on care and upkeep and the traffic it’s exposed to.

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Before committing, it’s essential to do your due diligence with sufficient research and speak to professionals in the industry to gain insight into which floors would meet your specific needs.


The flooring in the household is a considerable aesthetic component but also must serve its practical purpose. Let’s look at a few tips when choosing modern vinyl flooring for your home.


Tips When Choosing Modern Vinyl Flooring


Modern vinyl flooring is much different than the flooring from its first life cycle in the 1970s. The options today, like those with the Mannington Adura Max, are reminiscent of expensive textures and timber.



The materials require half the maintenance of the real option and offer the capacity to endure much more abuse, including withstanding moisture.


That doesn’t mean that the flooring is installed and forgotten. You will still need to engage in adequate care and upkeep to ensure longevity. Another critical component is making the proper selection to keep your aesthetic timeless. Flooring is not an element of the household you want to replace every few years.


This component of the home is considerable. The idea is to select a neutral choice, albeit a stand-out feature, to act as the foundation for your interior design scheme.

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With the right choice and excellent care, the material can survive as long as nearly three decades. Find installation tips for luxury vinyl floors at  and then check these tips meant to guide you on your way to an extensive lifespan with your vinyl flooring.


●     The install


The recommendation is that professionals in the industry install the flooring. These experts have proper tools and knowledge that the average homeowner doesn’t, allowing them to place the material in minimal time with less effort and correctly the first time. This way, you know there will be no problems down the road.

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A critical element for the homeowner when the flooring has been laid is comprehending the care and maintenance instructions offered by the product manufacturer.


If you’re buying a house with these floors existing, it’s essential to reach out through the realtor to find out if there are care instructions from the previous owners. If not, contact the manufacturer directly.

●     Minimal maintenance


Moist areas of the home, including the kitchen and bathroom, are ideal spaces for placement of these floors. Even though clean-up is relatively fast and easy with the material, you want to ensure that you respond immediately when there is a spill, particularly with specific substances.

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You want to avoid the possibility of seepage into the vinyl resulting in a degraded surface or potential staining. Acidic substances, including fruits, vinegar, etc., should be cleaned quickly.


The process is not an involved maintenance practice but merely a matter of a mild soap with a soft cloth or a vinyl-approved cleaning solution with a soft towel.


Investing a great deal of money in expensive cleaning products specific to these floors is not necessary. The suggestion is that using a mop wrung out with mild soap is sufficient to keep the surfaces clean without creating damage.


Anything abrasive, whether a cleaner or a tool, will only prove harmful to the vinyl, as will leaving the floors soaked in water.

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Final Thought


In today’s world, modern vinyl flooring like the Adura Max Mannington choices that resemble expensive textures and timbers are a go-to choice for many homeowners. View here for guidelines on installation.


These offer a timeless foundation in a home’s interior design that can endure an extensive lifespan as great as two to three decades. If you make the proper “classic” selection and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions once the flooring has been installed, you will reap those longevity rewards.


If the home you buy already has vinyl, but it’s from the 70s, it’s probably time for an update to the more durable, stylish, and functional options made available on the market today. This new trend is likely here to stay.

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