“The Surprising Net Worth of Kermit Glines: From Business Ventures to Aviation Achievements”

Kermit Glines Net Worth


Kermit Glines, an American aviation legend, is known for his business ventures and aviation achievements. He started his journey as a pilot, and with his innovative ideas, he became a successful entrepreneur. Glines was a strategic thinker who excelled in every field he stepped into. In this blog post, we will explore the surprising net worth of Kermit Glines and learn about his remarkable contribution to the aviation industry.

Section 1: Early Life and Career

Kermit Glines was born in 1923 and grew up in Westfield, Massachusetts. During World War II, Glines served in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a navigator. After the war, he obtained a pilot’s license and started his career by flying small planes around the Northeast region of the United States.

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In 1947, Glines started his company, Glines Aircraft, which provided flight training and aircraft rental services. With successful business growth, he extended his business services to flight charters, buying and selling aircraft, and aircraft maintenance. He later sold his company to start a new venture.

Section 2: Aviation Pioneer

Kermit Glines became an aviation pioneer by contributing to the field of aviation. Glines started Glines-Inman Airways, a regional airline that catered to the northeast region of the United States. He was the first airline entrepreneur to introduce a point-to-point service from Boston to Bar Harbor, Maine. His airline grew quickly, and he expanded his services to other cities such as New York and New Jersey.

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Glines retired from the airline business in the 1960s and took up aviation consulting. In this role, he helped the airline industry establish techniques and standards for ground-handling services.

Section 3: Aviation Consultant

As an aviation consultant, Glines worked closely with airlines to manage the handling services. He developed strategies for improving the airline’s ground handling efficiency. He also introduced the first-ever baggage handling system at the Boston Logan Airport, which reduced baggage delays.

Glines also worked with American Airlines and introduced a luggage system at the JFK International Airport in New York.

Section 4: Aviation Author

Kermit Glines authored several books on aviation. He penned down his extraordinary experiences in aviation, which included being a flight instructor, a pilot, a consultant, and an airline entrepreneur. His books are informative and insightful and provide a peek into the world of aviation.

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Section 5: Awards and Honors

Glines received several honors and recognition for his contributions to the aviation industry. In 1988, he was inducted into the New England Aviation Hall of Fame for his successful airline business and contributions to the industry. In 1993, he received the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, the highest award in the aviation industry. He was also a recipient of the Charles Lindbergh Aviation Heritage Award.

Section 6: Personal Life

Glines married his wife, Lillian in 1949, and they had three children. The family was passionate about aviation, and all three of their children became pilots. Glines was an avid golfer and enjoyed playing with his friends at the Blue Hill Country Club in Canton, Massachusetts.

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Section 7: FAQs

Q1. What was the net worth of Kermit Glines?
A1. Kermit Glines has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Q2. What is Kermit Glines known for?
A2. Kermit Glines is known for his business ventures, aviation achievements, and contributions to the aviation industry.

Q3. What did Kermit Glines contribute to the aviation industry?
A3. Kermit Glines contributed to the aviation industry as an airline pioneer, aviation consultant, author, and innovator.

Q4. What awards did Kermit Glines receive for his contributions to the aviation industry?
A4. Kermit Glines received several awards, including the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, Charles Lindbergh Aviation Heritage Award, and induction into the New England Aviation Hall of Fame.

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Q5. Did Kermit Glines have a family?
A5. Yes, Kermit Glines was married to Lillian, and they had three children who were all pilots.

Q6. What books did Kermit Glines write?
A6. Kermit Glines wrote several books on aviation, including “Point-to-Point: A History of Glines Inman Airways,” “The Aviation Legacy of Henry Harmon Glines,” and “The Aloha Connection.”

Q7. Was Kermit Glines an accomplished pilot?
A7. Yes, Kermit Glines was an accomplished pilot and held commercial and airline transport pilot licenses.


Kermit Glines is a legend in the aviation industry, known for his business ventures, aviation achievements, and contributions to the industry. He started as a pilot and became an entrepreneur known for his successful airlines, consulting business, and baggage handling systems. He contributed to the industry by setting up standards for ground handling services. Glines was a passionate and innovative individual who inspired many in the aviation industry. His net worth is estimated to be $50 million, and his legacy in the field of aviation will be forever remembered.

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