Is It Bad To Leave My Windows Open When AC Is On?

You’ve probably read or heard it said that opening windows with an AC on is a bad idea. In most circumstances, this is correct. But that doesn’t mean that exceptions don’t exist.

You may have to undergo more frequent aircon servicing if you do it too much, however. But the good performing HVAC system shouldn’t have any issues if a window or two is cracked open a bit. Be careful to not overdo it. With units like a Mitsubishi air conditioner, there’s less to worry about since they perform great at keeping indoor temperatures stable.

First, ask yourself why you’re opening the windows in the first place. Is it to get rid of a lingering odor that you’ve never noticed before? These issues can come from many sources.

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If you have pets, when was the last time you shampooed your carpets or rugs? Has it been a while since you’ve last sought out air conditioner service?

A poorly serviced AC can be a source of unpleasant smells. If you’ve never done it before, the process is straightforward and involves a rigorous look at the inside components of the AC. But smell can emanate from even recently serviced units.

Waiting too late to change out your filters can do it, not from the filters themselves but the accumulation of bacteria that they pick up. On a split system aircon, you’ll want to clean them out at least once or twice a month.

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What to Do When You Want the Windows Open

  1. Know your preferred humidity level

This can be a prime contributor to how it feels with your windows open. Air conditioners will dehumidify the air as a result of cooling your home. With the windows open, the humidity would change inside.

Sometimes, this is a good thing since it could keep your sinuses clear during sleeping hours. But too much humidity and cool air coming from the vents could have a biting effect, creating discomfort from being too cold. Some Mitsubishi air conditioner units have built-in humidifiers, a good way to keep you from opening the windows and avoid the sniffles

  1. Close the doors to any rooms without inhabitants
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Do you have a split system aircon situated in a living room or hallway? You can close the doors to any room while you open the windows. Open the windows to the rooms where the doors are closed to freshen them out. This will also keep the AC from having to work so hard to stabilize the area where cool air is being fed.

  1. Set your thermostat to turn off at intervals

You can keep the room cool this way, but not at a considerable increase in energy consumption. Once you close the windows, don’t forget to set it back to your normally preferred setting.


What Not to Do When Opening the Windows

  1. Don’t open the windows completely

Open the windows to their max and you would be better off shutting down your AC, at least until they’re closed again.

  1. Don’t leave your thermostat’s automatic setting on

Your AC must work harder to counteract the outdoor temperature, something that could run up your energy consumption when warmer or cooler air is being simultaneously streamed in.

Everything in Moderation

The purpose of an AC is to create a climate-controlled atmosphere in an indoor space. Too many opened windows are counteractive to this goal, so limit the occurrences of you opening them when you want cool air. You’ll lower your need for irregular air conditioner service.

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