Instagram Is The New Facebook, Here’s How to Use It For Your Business

There is no doubt that Facebook dominates social media when it comes to traffic and engagement, but if you haven’t already started using Instagram, you’re missing out on a goldmine.

Instagram is growing by leaps and bounds and with the rapid rise of social media and its power in driving brand awareness and sales, there’s no doubt that this platform is going to become a major force in the marketing world.

But with all the hype surrounding Instagram, there is also a lot of confusion about how to use this platform to best promote your business. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can leverage Instagram for your business and how to grow your Instagram following fast.

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Switch To A Business Profile

Switching to a business profile has a bunch of benefits. First off, people who follow your account will see that you are a legitimate business and not just a hobbyist. Second, it allows you to create Instagram ads.

Third, it gives you access to Insights, which is a tool that lets you see what kind of photos are driving the most engagement and engagement across all of your posts. With Insights, you can use analytics to determine which content is working, and where you can improve.

Post a shareable photo

Images are powerful. By sharing images of your products and services, you’re inspiring your followers to buy or avail of what you’re selling.

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Don’t go generic! Establish a recognizable visual identity.

You can use recurrent themes. For instance, if you have a Vet clinic (Serangoon), you can post photos of some of the procedures you perform with your patient. Alternately, you can tease them with a new pet product in your clinic or share some tips on how to take care of your pets.

Since IG is a photo-sharing app, make sure that your images are visually aesthetic. If you can combine an image with a compelling story, you can encourage your audience to take action.

Use Instagram Stories

By using Stories, which appears for 24 hours, brands can create a visual narrative that allows for rich content and images that don’t typically appear in a traditional Instagram feed. The Stories feature gives brands a way to build a sense of urgency around their campaigns, allowing them to encourage followers to click through to the brand’s website or mobile app and purchase. In short, lead generating.

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In IG stories, you can stir up curiosity by storytelling using still photos, videos, and boomerangs. If you’re selling Ceramic car coating (Singapore), you can show the before and aftercare of your customer’s car. Start your story by showing the dents of the car and end it by revealing its newer look with the ceramic coating. You can even add a text stating your promotions if you have any.

Stream Live Videos

Live video is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience on social media. Whether you’re sharing your thoughts on a trending topic or showing off your latest products, live streaming can boost your followers’ engagement and give you a competitive advantage.

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Let’s say you sell a Digital lock Singapore. You can live stream a product demonstration of your top-selling item to showcase its features.

Use the Right Instagram Hashtag

If you’ve ever used Instagram, you know that hashtags play a key role in how people discover and engage with content on the platform. A good hashtag will help your followers find the type of content you’re sharing. When people search for a particular keyword or phrase on Instagram, they’ll see the associated posts that have been tagged with that specific term. By strategically choosing relevant tags, you can increase your reach and grow your audience.

Create Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Instagram ads are a way to get your brand in front of people who would be interested in your business. Whether you’re a small mom and pop shop or a large corporation, sponsored ads can be a great way to connect with new customers.

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You can post a photo, video, Carousel/Dynamic Ads, Stories, and Stories Canvas.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing involves partnering with a brand to increase the reach and engagement of your business or products. It’s similar to a traditional advertising campaign, but instead of using traditional media, such as TV or print, brands partner with influencers who have a large following.

What matters here is choosing the right industry influencer. Having partnered with one can expose your brand to thousands of potential and new customers.


Instagram is the new Facebook. Not because of the fact that it was created by Facebook, but because it has the same demographic, is as easy to use and share content, and is growing at a rapid pace.

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If you want to market your business online, especially if you’re looking to build your brand awareness and reach new audiences, you have to explore and learn its features and maximize them to exponentially grow your business.