How To Prepare For IBPS Clerk Exams Using The Previous Year’s Question Papers?

IBPS is a self-regulatory organization that administers pre-clerical post-tests. The IBPS Clerk recruiting process takes place once a year and is required by the company. The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection will conduct an online preliminary examination, disclose the results, and notify those who have been shortlisted about the online main examination. After passing the exam, IBPS Clerk salary for various roles is quite appealing.


The examination was divided into two parts: prelims and mains. There are three sections to the preliminary exam: logic, numerical ability, and English language. The main exam assesses quantitative aptitude, general awareness, reasoning, computer awareness, and the English language.

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How Much Does An IBPS Clerk Earn?


The candidates’ ardor for the work would be fueled by the IBPS Clerk wage. If candidates have a complete and exact comprehension of the IBPS Clerk 2022 salary, they would have a crystal clear vision of the exam. The monthly compensation ranges from 19,900 to 31,908 rupees.


  • Staying motivated during your preparation is essential. It is vital to grasp the IBPS Clerk job profile and compensation before you begin. This article will surely assist you in determining what you may expect from the IBPS Clerk job and how much it pays if you are accepted.
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  • Other elements, in addition to your basic compensation, contribute to your in-hand salary as part of your IBPS Clerk salary. IBPS offers its staff a competitive compensation plan. The pay package includes a cost-of-living allowance, a dwelling rent allowance, and other benefits.


  • The amount you receive each month after all deductions are your in-hand salary as an IBPS Clerk. Employees in metropolitan areas make slightly higher money. An IBPS clerk’s initial monthly salary is Rs. 19,900/-. IBPS clerks are also eligible for additional special pay and perks. The IBPS Clerk’s salary is affected by the job location and residence.


How To Use Previous Year’s Question Papers for Exam Preparation?

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Every year, the Institute of Banking and Personnel Selection holds exams to find applicants for clerical positions in prestigious banks. Candidates who want to crack the upcoming IBPS Clerk test and are unsure about the exam pattern or are unsure how to start their preparation could look at the previous year’s question papers.


  • To outrank oneself and uplevel their preparations, candidates should begin learning the IBPS Clerk previous year paper for prelims. English, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, Reasoning, and Computer Aptitude are among the major components of the IBPS Clerk exam papers. It will help applicants improve their computations, logical reasoning, and English language if they complete the entire IBPS Clerk previous year paper in the time allotted.
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  • IBPS Clerk Cut-Off Marks is critical information that every applicant preparing for the IBPS Clerk exam should be aware of. The cut-off is the minimum number of points required for a candidate to pass the phase. The minimum mark that an aspirant must achieve in each section of the IBPS Clerk is known as the cut-off. If a student fails to get the required figures, he/she is not eligible to go to the next stage of the exam.


  • IBPS will shortlist a sufficient number of applicants in each category for the Online Main Examination based on the requirements. Prelims will have 100 questions, a maximum score of 100, and a time constraint of one hour. For the mains, there are 190 questions, a maximum score of 200, and a time limit of 160 minutes.
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Schedules, planning, more practice, and preparation are all necessary for better performance. BYJU Exams Prep allows candidates to learn from mentors about the exam pattern, study method, preparatory tips, sample tests, previous years’ question papers, and topic expertise. As a result, you will have access to study resources for determined candidates who can truly help you achieve your goal.