How Can an Employee Management Software Help Manage Salon Business? 

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A quick chat with any salon manager would often lead you to hear that one of the trickiest processes to navigate in managing a beauty salon is employee management. This fact is further confirmed by multiple studies, which confirm that when it comes to motivating employees, ensuring productivity, training in sales, and dealing with absenteeism salon owners or managers routinely find themselves in a conundrum. Already dealing with the host of issues such as logistics of bookings, attracting new clients, retaining existing ones, and going over the marketing strategy, the last thing a salon manager needs are disgruntled staff.  However, did you know that with little planning and by leveraging technology you can run a highly effective employee management program. Read along to know how an employee management software can save you a lot of headache, assist you in your salon business management strategy, and help create a cheerful atmosphere in your salon, while ensuring employee productivity.

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Attendance Recording

The first and foremost way an employee management software helps you is by keeping an electronic record of their work hours and eliminate any confusion about the number of hours worked each week. As the data is electronically recorded, there is no element of human error. Furthermore, the software is designed to take the attendance record as input and compute error free payrolls.

Equitable Work Allocation

Let’s face it, even the best of the managers can have biases and one of the ways favoritism shows up is by non-equitable allocation of work. An employee management software such as the one from Zenoti can easily help you eliminate this bias. By dynamically allocating the work, based on client preference and stylist availability the software ensures fair and equitable work allocation. Further, if you run your salon in shifts the software ensures that employees are fairly distributed in the shifts rosters

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Schedule Sharing

A salon software works actively to book and confirm appointments. It does so by automatically allocating work and updating both the individual employee’s calendar and the daily salon appointments calendar. As such you can ascertain the deployment and utilization of your staff on real time basis. For the stylists, having advanced work schedule allows them to better plan their day and for businesses it helps reduce costs as they don’t have to have the stylist sit without work.

Compute error free remuneration

Often one of the constant doubts an employee has is about the computational correctness of their compensation. An employee management puts these doubts to rest for once and all. With attendance linked computation of regular and overtime pay, sales linked computation of commissions, and tips, the software ensures error free computation of remuneration. Zenoti employee management software also has a staff login module, wherein the employees can login anytime and review the details and know their real time tips and commissions income, and select the disbursal frequency as weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

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Control Data Access

Business data is sensitive information. Any loss of data due to theft can result in making or breaking your business. One of the best features of an employee management software is that it helps you control the access of business data. By allowing you to define roles and setting data access controls, you can have complete peace of mind that no data shall be lost due to theft. By implementing the data controls in the individual employee profile, Zenoti employee management software allows you to set controls in just one click.

Delegate Responsibilities & Monitor Performance   

It might seem very tempting for you to go over and tell each staff what to do. However, refrain. We repeat, “Refrain.” Instead of micro-managing the staff and having them work like robots, assign them clear roles and responsibilities and communicate the deliverables.  Give them the authority to own their processes and monitor the outcomes. Doing so will give them pride in their work and make them accountable for their work. An employee management software can assist you in setting up individual staff responsibility and measurable performance metrics. Moreover, by setting up measureable outcomes the software will also assist you in conducting performance reviews. Zenoti salon management software comes with a robust employee management module, which allows you to easily delegate roles and conduct periodic reviews on performance. Better still, the system is transparent and employees can track their performance on a real time basis.

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Resolve Conflicts with Compassion

Last but not the least. While an employee management software can help you streamline your salon business, run a lean enterprise, and make it efficient it is no panacea to lack of compassion. Often times you’ll be faced with a situation where an employee has grievances with the SOP, a product line or just with other colleagues and seeks grievance redressal. It is in these situations that you need to show compassion. While this doesn’t mean that you allow a free run and don’t take action against wrong conduct, it does mean that you show kindness and make a cautious judgement. When your team members know that you withheld a negative consequence of their actions, they are very likely to pitch in with improved performance and loyalty. Always remember that technology, whilst a great tool is no replacement to the human touch.

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An employee management software excellent tool to improve the productivity of your employees. Some of the renowned software such as Zenoti, Wellyx, GloFox, Virtuagym etc., are very user friendly and come with an easy learning curve.