Four oldest Casinos of world 

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Casino gaming is very popular in every loop and corner of the world. The history of the casino is very old, and from ancient times people have played casino games. With time the advancement in the casino made the gaming style more interesting. The ancient literature of Greek, China, Rome, and India mentions the casino games of that time. According to Chinese history, casino games are 22 BC old. The ancient civilizations played games which are now termed casino games. There are oldest casinos in the world which are still functional and players across the globe come to these casinos to play the casino games. So if you are interested in the history, online bookmaker and evolution of casinos, then here is the list of the four oldest casinos in the world.

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1. Casino Wiesbaden

Located at: Wiesbaden, Germany

In 1810 Casino Wiesbaden was built as a cure house, an essential spa in Roman times. The construction of this cure house started in 1807, and it got completed in 1810. Prince Charles was permitted to play card games in this casino, and roulette was introduced in 1821. This casino is now home to thousands of betting and casino games such as 14 tables games, electronic games, poker tables, etc.. The casino has blackjack, American roulette, and French roulette with these games. This casino gives overall entertainment and relaxation to its visitors. This casino has a restaurant and a bar, and the restaurant offers traditional German food and other drinks.

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2. Kurhaus of Baden Baden

Located at: Baden-Baden, Germany

This casino was constructed in 1824. This building of casino is an example of classical architecture style. The casino was a very popular place to socialize in mid-80’s. The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden was a famous place and attracted gamblers from the all corners of the world. But the first world war and second world war destroyed the casino building to much extend and it took much time in renovation. There are so many international events, and gambling gaming events that took part. This casino house has a bar and restaurant so that the visitors can have a leisure time here. The bar is named Bernstein Club, and the restaurant is called The Grille. The games played in this casino house are Blackjack, Electronic Keno, Electronic Bingo, French Roulette etc. Also read Difference between email and Gmail

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3. Casino di Venezia

Located at: Venezia, Italy

This casino is located in the Venice city and known as the oldest casino in the world. This building was originally constructed in 1509, while the casino operations started in 1638. The casino building is an fascinating site with its amazing art and architect. The interior of the building accomplishes the craved images of marvel and wood. The casino’s walk is so happening that you will enjoy the aura of being in this gambling house. The scriptures and chandeliers present in the casino will take you to the nostalgia of ancient times. This casino in the city of canals is like a castle. This casino also has a Richard Wagner museum who lived in this casino. This casino remains actively indulge in the concerts, exhibitions and other events. There are so many table games in this casino. There are some other interesting casino games in this gambling house along with the table games. Such as Blackjack, Fair Roulette, Punto Banco etc.

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4. Casino de Monte Carlo

Located at: Monaco

Monte Carlo is famous for the gambling and casino games. But during the initial times, this casino building was not fully-fledged with the amenities. Due to the lack of basic features of this casino the casino faced loss in the business. But in the late 80’s the casino got a big renovation and expansion. The concert hall, private gaming rooms and public spaces were created to attract the visitors. Now, there are five lavish restaurants and bars in the casino. The restaurants and bars are located in the different parts of the casino campus. The main games being played in the Monte Carlo casino are Craps, Punto Banco, Electronic Blackjack, European Roulette etc.

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The gambling houses of the world are around 400 years old. And from that time the casino has evolved itself magnificently. Whether its entertainment or winning the prizes, overall the casino games attract all the gamers of different age groups. Now the casino has big presence in online world and online casino games are trending worldwide. Undoubtedly, the casino games are convenient when played online. Still, there is a lot of fun and other activities when you choose a traditional casino house to play gambling games. If you ever visit any of the casino mentioned above, you will enjoy the gaming experience in the oldest casino houses in the world.