Fine Jewellery Styling Tips for Everyday Wear

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The best way to add a wow factor to your look is by adorning beautiful jewellery. Women often open their pandora boxes to flaunt their priced possessions when they are getting ready for a party. But what about your daily look? Why not make your casual look also stand out by pairing it with minimalistic jewellery? If you are wondering how to choose the perfect jewellery pieces that you can wear every day, then we are here to put your mind at ease by sharing some amazing tips.

  1. Pendant necklace: Delicate pendant necklaces are a great way to subtly accentuate your everyday outfits. One thing you should be mindful of is that the pendant shouldn’t be a very big one otherwise it may create a distraction. Pendants for girls come with varied designs that are lightweight and trendy. A necklace with subtle features, a little sheen, and graceful lines is discreet enough to be worn every day yet elegant enough to be worn out and with most attire.
  2. Bold ring: Women prefer wearing cocktail rings only when they are stepping out for a gathering or when dressing up for an occasion. However, a contemporary-style ring can be the ideal accessory for your daily wear too. All you need to do is to pick a design that’s not too flashy, like a broad gold band that’s embedded with diamonds or other gemstones like pearl or ruby. Such rings are modern, powerful, and speak volumes about your confident persona. If you think this can be a wee bit for you to carry, then stackable rings of different metals also make a great choice for daily wear and they look very chic.
  3. Earings: Earings are a constant companion of women. Whether you are dressing up for a lunch date, a casual hangout with friends, or work, a pair of gold earrings for women instantly brightens up the look. Of all the designs, a pair of diamond hoops make a perfect pick for everyday wear when you want to add a tinge of drama. These work well with formal dresses, jeans and sweaters, or an evening gown, for the sheer fact that minimalistic diamond hoops are classy, gorgeous and timeless.
  4. Jewellery with sentimental value: You can never go wrong when it comes to wearing gold or diamond jewellery every day which holds a sentimental value. It could be your wedding solitaire ring or a charm bracelet that your parents gifted you, or a heart-shaped locket that your children presented you on mother’s day. These jewellery pieces have emotional stories attached to them and are a constant reminder of all the beautiful things in your life.
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While picking everyday jewellery remember to opt for designs that are suitable for both western and traditional outfits. Online jewellery brands like Melorra have created a collection of minimalistic fine jewellery that captures the runway trends, and yet is light in weight and easy on your pocket. One good way to ensure that you are accessorizing your outfit correctly every day is to stick to the three-piece rule. This means at any given point in time wear not more than three pieces of gold jewellery. It could be a ring, earrings, and a pendant set, or a nose pin, earrings, and a bracelet. We hope the above tips will help you ace your look on daily basis and shine like a diva effortlessly.

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