Dedicated Development Team: What Is It And When To Hire It?

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Description: Every entrepreneur in the business world is trying to create his product or improve the operation processes by implementing computer technologies. Interestingly, such ventures’ success depends not on one’s expertise in the field but on the work of a dedicated development team.

What is a Dedicated Development Team

All business projects these days require a technical team. A company can have one of its own or look for one outside it. It is often determined not only by a company’s financial capabilities but also by the project’s purpose, peculiarities, and scale. We must say that no company has a full-time staff of specialists from all digital areas because it is not profitable in the first place. But what is beneficial is hiring people from outside because that is how you can develop the desired product and competently manage the company’s resources.

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When discussing partnerships to create a product, we often mean various interaction models, such as fixed cost partnerships or partnerships on a fixed time, materials, etc. The dedicated development team is also one of the partnership models. This collaboration is formed based on the customer’s goals, desires, and requirements. Experienced digital entrepreneurs will agree that often what is desired is achieved flexibly. Requirements, deadlines, or budgets can change in the process. It is why a dedicated development team is suitable for developing large projects.

The Dedicated Development Team Model is Advantageous Compared to Other Types of Partnerships


Judging from the name of the interaction model, we can conclude that we are talking about hiring (or partnership) an already existing team. That is a considerable advantage compared to other models. The customer does not need to search for each specialist separately, consult with other specialists according to the competence of the first one, etc. This saves both clients time and protects them from unnecessary headaches.

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Financial saving

Clients pay only for the team’s work time as if they were paying their staff salaries. However, the client has no infrastructure costs: offices, equipment, utility bills, vacation pay, and sick pay are absent as a matter of course in the Dedicated Development Team model.

The flexibility of team building

Another plus of the Dedicated Development Team model is the flexibility of its formation. The team can represent a single entity and supply experts to expand the customer’s existing development team. In addition, customers can add members as needed and reduce or increase the team.

The flexibility of the implementation

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Clients can adjust changes to the project at any stage, adding features to the software product and distributing tasks among the performers.

Efficiency and expertise

By hiring the dedicated delivery teams, clients are already obtaining a team of experienced specialists in the field necessary to complete the project. The team compensates for the lack of specialists while not requiring increasing the company’s staff. The team of performers deeply understands the project requirements, aims to deliver quality results, and has a vision of promising future cooperation.


Reliability is achieved through the model’s flexibility, transparency, and 100% payback of the hired team. It avoids overpayment in the process of creating the product.

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Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

A business may choose a third-party provider when its business goals are set, its financial and human resources are estimated, and the scope and duration of the project are determined.

Teams can vary in size and content, but certain fundamental principles make the team work like a Swiss watch.

Make sure that the team you hire necessarily has:

An analyst that directly bridges the client and the contractor. His job is to know and be able to anticipate the requirements needed for each specific project and whom to question. In addition, he must communicate with team members (developers, analysts, and project managers) and use various tools to organize the requirements. Besides this, this person is also responsible for information gathering, process description, and modeling; analysis of efficiency and making suggestions on process optimization; documentation development – requirements specifications, product ToR, schedules, budgets, risk registers, completed tasks reports, etc.

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A team leader that manages his development team, owns the technical side, participates in the work on the project architecture, does code reviews, and develops some particularly complex tasks on the project. The leader deals with a specific project and is responsible for completing it with the highest possible performance and in the best possible time.

Developers (backend and frontend) that take on the most complex technical tasks, directly creating games, apps, websites, etc., depending on the client’s needs.

UI and UX designers, who are just like developers – integral because they make the product understandable and sought after by users. They create the look, navigation, calls to action, etc.

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A tester, who analyzes, performs scenario-based testing, and figures out where else to find bugs. Finally, he writes a special report about it, according to which programmers eliminate errors.

How and Where to Search for a Team

When it comes to finding a dedicated development team, the usual search methods on sites like HeadHunter are likely to fail. After all, you are looking for a team of experts, preferably with good experience in the required development field. Unfortunately, you cannot afford to spend time searching for every single expert. Thus, you need to discard talent search sites and concentrate on websites that post information about companies.

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Such websites include or Goodfirms. It should be noted that there are many more analytical platforms like these. Their task is to bring together business ideas and companies that can implement these ideas. Such business research platforms conduct surveys and ratings of hundreds of companies worldwide. Users can read reviews, look at portfolios, and find out specific terms of cooperation even before they directly communicate with the contractor’s company (or, in this case, the team). It makes it much easier to study the matter and make a decision.