Cricket stars to watch in 2022

Cricket is considered one of the most popular team sports in European and American countries. Today, India is also a state where cricket championships are developed. The national team with famous players is fighting for the honor of their country in the international arena. Many people follow cricket and its participants in an online format, so you can bet on the game. As in any other sport, betting in cricket allows observers to win money and teams to be motivated by high odds to win.

Development history and modern Indian cricket

The Indian Premier Cricket League started its inaugural season in 2008 and has been constantly evolving ever since, either raising new stars or buying foreign ones. Popular Indian cricketers are Shami Ahmed, Ashok Dindy, Dinesh Karthik, Virat Kahli, and Rahul Sharma. All popular players are members of the Indian national cricket team and have been building their sports careers for a long time. Many of them participate in the cricket league teams and fight for the high title in their state.

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For the viewer to follow the stars and the game to be as interesting as possible, a bet on cricket is often used. In the list of possible bets, the participant will find an option to bet on the Indian Premier League. In addition, there is an option to bet on various positions, such as the best bowler in India or a particular city. In this way, the user can become familiar with contemporary Indian cricket players and follow their careers in the future.

India now occupies high positions in various rankings. So, in the ODI, the country is in the first place, in Twenty20 – third, and India has the second position in the ranking of test teams. Many players have gained popularity in cricket and world sports. Today you can follow such athletes as:

  • Zahir Khan;
  • Buvneshwar Kumar;
  • Vinay Kumar;
  • Ishant Sharma;
  • Umesh Yadav;
  • Ravichandran Ashvin;
  • Piush Chaula.
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All of them are bowlers of the Indian national team and bring victory to their state. Many of these players have reached the age of 30 and still play cricket skillfully.

Contemporary cricket stars in India

Indian cricket is distinguished by its rapid history of development and high position of the country in the world rankings. Thanks to experienced coaches and athletes, teams achieve good results. As for the main cricket stars in India, they have a long career in a team or national team. This is justified by the fact that the players have a strong preparation and good motivation to be in the team and win titles until a worthy replacement is found.

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Modern Indian cricketers try to inherit the game of the best batsman Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He devoted about 20 years to this game, playing for Mumbai and the Indian national team. Tendulkar is a star in cricket as he is ranked first in the rankings for most runs in cricket to this day. Tendulkar played in the national team from the age of 16, which showed that one can become a sought-after player even at such an early age.

As for betting on cricket, among their list, there is a bet on the best batsman. A participant can bet on a player he knows and get a decent payout for his beautiful game. To do this, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the sports biography of each bowler, all-rounder, and wicket-keeper in cricket. It is worth remembering that not all in-demand team players play in the Indian national team. But if a player occupies a leading position in his team, then he will be in the national team.