5 Reasons Why Students Fail in Mathematics

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We often see students struggling with math. They fear solving math sums and are often considered complex. Even if you score fewer marks in math, it is acceptable. But! If you observe keenly, this is not true. Why should we accept low grades in any subject? Every subject is equally important, and low grades in any subject must not be acceptable.


Math is all about tricks, logic, and reasoning. You can pass any subject if you have notes. Having history notes, English notes, and science notes could help you pass the examination but getting notes in math is not enough until you understand the logic behind the problem.

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Attitude Towards Learning the Subject- A student with a positive mind and attitude can do a miracle. To master any subject, your attitude towards that subject plays an important role.

For example- if you think that the sum is hard, you will develop a phobia against it, but if you look at the sum with a positive set of mind, it will motivate you to solve the problem. A positive attitude will enhance your performance and question-solving abilities.


Method of Teaching-  How a student looks at the subject depends on how the teacher teaches the subject. Teachers should keep in mind that their way of teaching decides 40% of the students’ performance. When it comes to math l, teachers should try to focus on clearing the concept of the student and teach through specific techniques with which students can relate.

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If the teacher’s teaching technique is good, half the student’s problem is solved there, and they can see math sums with a positive attitude.



Lack of Connection between the subject and students- Out of many reasons, one reason why students fail in math is this. They consider it complicated and tedious. So! Having a good connection with the subject seems to be a difficult task.

Rather than developing a fear of the subject, students should attend lectures, spend more time-solving questions, and clear doubts. It will create a positive mindset regarding the particular subject.


Self Doubt-  students fail in exams because one of those reasons is self-doubt. Students develop a lot of pressure in their minds to start doubting themselves. To score good marks and become topper one among such pressure from which the student is going on. Once the student begins questioning themselves, then there is no turning back. To perform well in the subject, students need to motivate themselves daily and keep themselves away from the habit of doubting themselves. Never think that the sum of the problem is very hard. Always solve it with total energy and a positive mind.

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Low IQ- IQ plays a vital role in scoring good marks. Whether you agree or not, a person with a good IQ tends to score excellent marks, and a person with a low IQ tends to get poor marks. A person with a low IQ gets easily demotivated and takes longer to understand something. So! Low IQs students need to work hard and pay full attention while developing concepts.


Final Words

So! The points mentioned above are the top 5 reasons students fail in the maths examination. Hard work with a positive mindset is essential for students who score fewer marks in math, and students should look after it and work upon it.

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