4 Tips for the Best Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala is a time-honored meal rich in appearances, flavor, and even nutrients. It hits right at the spot of the perfect comfort food when an individual is craving Indian delicacies.


This ultimate Indian Badshahi delicacy is now the favorite home-cooked fare for so many individuals. The acknowledgment and love for the chicken tikka masala recipe crossed India many moons ago during British colonization.


They have taken this recipe to other European countries. And nowadays, around the globe, if anyone asks any individual to name or mention an Indian dish that they have tried, undoubtedly, they will say that it is the chicken tikka masala.

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The chicken tikka masala is a delicious meal where the chicken is drenched into a creamy gravy. This gravy is an end product of a lot of tomato puree spices and herbs. Even though this dish is deeply savory, the individual consuming it will not feel any intolerable burn from the spices.

Four tips to ace the recipe:

  1. The thigh of that chicken socks more flavor while marinating
  2. The spices should always be crisp
  3. The ghee and garam masala will add another level of richness to the recipe
  4. Toppings it off with roasted almond before serving adds the perfect crunch


Is it indistinguishable from butter chicken?

The chef sometimes referred to it as a distant cousin of other Mughal Indian delicacies such as chicken makhani and butter chicken. Both of these fares belong to the northern region of India, which is the premium reason they lean towards a sweeter and milder spectrum of flavors with rich, creamy consistency with actual milk and butter in the gravy.

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Butter chicken tikka masala is a tad bit different from them. It has more complexity in its flavors and gives some way more of an acidic field. The most premium Indian chefs have stated that they sometimes utilize butter chicken and chicken tikka masala reciprocally.


Because both the fares are pretty familiar, both of them include roasting or grilling the chicken only after it is thoroughly marinated in the yogurt. And both of them are represented after simmering in tomato sauce which has a creamy texture. But the chicken tikka masala recipe has flavors of the more complex herbs and spices and has way less butter in it.

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The Indian restaurant owners have also reported that the kids prefer the butter chicken more than the chicken tikka masala. Where on the other hand, parents and other full-grown adults lean towards chicken tikka masala for any and every occasion.


And the main reason for this instance is the sweeter taste and lesser spice component in the butter chicken masala. And the adults can better handle and adore the savories of the chicken tikka masala.


Wrapping Up:

If the enthusiastic cooks look closely, they will see a variety of differences in both recipes. Nowadays, Desi and international chefs have created so many versions of chicken tikka masala recipes. So, it will be very unfair to say that both of the dishes are similar in terms of their textures. Bluntly speaking, there are drastically different aroma, tang, and spice blend nuances.

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