10 amazing features of Huawei p50

10 amazing features of Huawei p50 1643993235 scaled - 10 amazing features of Huawei p50
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Huawei, the world’s third largest smartphone maker, has today announced its latest flagship handset- the Huawei P50.

A “super flagship” with 10 amazing features to make your life easier.


  1. A range of colours- Huawei P50 is designed to fit your personal style. Available in multiple colours and styles, the P50 is available in three colours: Champagne Gold, Space Grey, and Mystic Silver.
  2. Squeeze for instant photos- The squeeze feature on the Huawei P50 allows you to take a picture when you are in a rush or don’t want to go through the hassle of unlocking your phone or flipping open your camera app first. Simply place your index finger on the screen and gently squeeze it to capture a photo instantly. The press between the thumb and index finger must last for at least two seconds. This feature is not available on other mobile phones and smartphones except some iPhone models.
  3. Rear Fingerprint Scanner- The P50’s fingerprint scanner is located on the rear of the device, making it easier to unlock your phone and access your apps without having to pick up your phone first. Your fingerprint data is stored in a safe and secure way, protected by Huawei AppLock and other security features.
  4. A fresh new look- The Huawei P50 has a stunning new look that will certainly get you noticed. The originality of this smartphone is reflected in its rear cover, which has a matte glass surface that becomes clearer when viewed at an angle. It also includes subtly curved edges for a comfortable grip.
  5. A battery that lasts longer- Huawei P50 allows you to enjoy more photos, videos, and music. It also comes with a 4000mAh capacity battery.
  6. The world’s best processor- Huawei P50 is powered by a 2.5GHz Kirin 960 octa-core chipset, so you will never have to worry about slow network speed or lack of memory space.
  1. The world’s first 7nm-LPU, faster and more powerful processor that provides more power efficiency than the previous generation.
  2. HDR10+- The P50 supports HDR10+, so you can view clearer, brighter images no matter where you are, watching videos in a dark room or a dimly lit room will not give the same result – it’s all about details. Using this characteristic will also increase your video quality with standard format videos up to 2 times higher.
  3. Ultra-high definition AMOLED display- the 5.5 inch Full HD AMOLED screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a pixel density of 421 pixel per inch. The display is protected by 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is also on the back cover.
  4. An incredibly fast fingerprint ID unlock- Unlocking your phone with your fingerprint is much faster than entering passwords, especially when you are holding up in line or in a crowd. Once your fingerprint has been added to the system, you can easily unlock your phone within 0.2 seconds and it only takes 0.1 seconds to wake up the screen after turning on the fingerprint authentication function.
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With a great Huawei P50 pro price, it is the first smartphone to launch with the new Kirin 960 processor. It has a built-in 64GB memory and supports up to a 256GB microSD card. Thanks to its powerful hardware, it does more than most high-end phones on the market today. It combines rich sound, clear images, perfect HD images and built-in security features that protect your smartphone from viruses and malware.